Agfinity Bulk Plant

Agfinity Bulk Plant

Lucerne, Colorado - January 2015

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Seneca Companies’ Fuel Systems division's Denver branch was hired by Agfinity to design and fabricate a bottom loading system to replace their existing top loading system. To achieve this, Seneca created a totally custom design.

Seneca’s Denver branch manager and team of project managers designed the system and configured all the components to achieve the flow rate that Agfinity wanted. The new system incorporated an OPW Petro Vend C/OPT™ Fuel Control System (key fob) for security to validate the driver extracting fuel from the facility. The system also records data of the volume and the products that were removed from the storage tanks by each individual client (employee) and from nine different total products. 

This design incorporated the OPW Civacon systems that were already being used on Agfinity’s delivery trucks. Seneca had to research the correct hardware that would be required to connect the existing OPW Civacon to communicate with the other vehicle components. The electrical on this site was also an elaborate, custom design that was accomplished by Seneca’s sub-contractor, B&T Electric, Inc. based out of Littleton, Colorado. 

Seneca had to design the electrical to operate the 10 horsepower, three phase, three-inch pumps. The system also had to manage control and communication between the OPW Petro Vend C/OPT™ and the OPW Civacon systems. The system also controls the electronic solenoid valve, the pulser from the meters and operates the electric gate that opens the facility.

The facility is now fully operational. The finished system is dispensing product in excess of 200 gallons per minute. Agfinity has been very pleased with the system.