Checklist for EMV Migration & Compliance

Ensure your c-store is EMV compliant with this checklist.

Seneca partners with Gilbarco Veeder-Root in being your guide as you discover the best options for your c-store in regards to EMV and upgrading your equipment. Upgrading and ensuring your c-store is EMV compliant is the best way to protect you and your customers. 

1. Learn about EMV

Making sure you understand the liability shift is very important in keeping your c-store protected from fraud charges.

2. Research the right equipment

Once you understand what EMV is all about, now you need to evaluate your own c-store needs. Make sure you analyze your equipment so that you get the best value going forward.

For example, replacing older dispensers with new ones can make you EMV compliant as well as update the look of your site. But, you can also extend the life of newer dispensers with EMV CRIND retrofit kits that will make existing dispensers EMV compliant.

Understanding exactly what equipment you need as a whole is essential in making the best use of your investment towards being EMV compliant.

If you would like assistance with this process, please contact one of Seneca's experts to help you evaluate what you have and what you need to be compliant by the stated deadline.

3. Get a quote!

Now that you have assessed your needs and know what upgrades are necessary, it is time to see how your finances match up and what your options are. Seneca's team of experts will walk you through this process and present you with a quote that matches your evaluated and discussed needs. Seneca also has credit options available through Seneca or with third party providers.

Please make sure to ask your rep about this.

4. Plan for implementation

Because you are working with one of Seneca's experts through the entire process, this should be as seamless as possible for you. But there is planning that is necessary along the way to help facilitate everything as it doesn't happen overnight in most cases.

Equipment has to be ordered per your spec, site preparations need to be made and schedules coordinated for all implementation needs.

5. Train staff

As with any change — large or small — there is a period of adjustment. If you are upgrading your point of sale system, it is time to ensure your staff understands how to operate the equipment and what resources are available to them.

Please make sure they know who to call from Seneca to assist with training, as well as share links to Gilbarco resources, such as their YouTube University Channel.

Download a PDF of the EMV Migration Guide with Checklist

Gilbarco's EMV Migration Guide is available in PDF form to download or print.