Seneca Companies


Murray Nelson steps down as president

posted 3/29/2017 in Press Releases

To our clients:

I'd like to take this opportunity to reach out to our valued customers and thank you for all the support given to Seneca Companies over the 27 years of my career and the 45 years of our company's existence.

There have been many changes in the marketplace over that time and you have been the prime movers in defining what the new expectations are. To that end, there have been recent changes to the management structure at Seneca to prepare us for the future. These changes are the last that I'm directly responsible for, as my intention is to step down from my current responsibilities on March 31, 2017.

The facts
We have aligned the company around our strategy and core supporting businesses. This includes the sale of our Industrial division in December 2015, and the splitting of the business into two functional operating units, one being based upon petroleum distribution, construction, service, and the other unit being composed of our Environmental Services, Remediation and Waste Solutions divisions. The former is headed up by Darren Binning, vice president of Fuel Systems, and the latter being run by Chris Biellier, vice president of Environmental Services and Waste Solutions. Both gentlemen report to JC Risewick, who will take over the title of president as of April 1, 2017.

Other notable recent changes include the promotion of Casey Scheve to CFO and the expansion of human resources' role within the company in recognition of the importance that Matt Puffer, vice president of human resources, and his team play in making sure that we have the right people in the right spots. More recently we named Mike Worthington as head of our General Contracting business, Chris Haggard as vice president of sales, and Matt Smith as director of project management.

Looking back
I started my career with Seneca on Oct. 30, 1990 as a support manager for Environmental Services. Through many ups and downs we achieved some measure of success and in 2000 I was named COO and shortly after, president. I have had the freedom to create, build, plan and assist others as we have grown from two branches to 10, and 40 people to 350. I have had a unique opportunity to help create a culture of cooperation, learning and respect while being assisted and supported by a great boss - Chris Risewick.

I am proud of our accomplishments and look forward to the start of the next chapter represented by me stepping aside for this talented new crew of professionals. As of April 1, JC Risewick will become president and COO, and I will step down as an officer and employee in the company. There are many projects within the company I plan to participate in, depending on where there is meaningful application of my knowledge. My future iteration will include maintaining an influential role as advisor and chief curator of the past mistakes and successes.

I look forward to assisting in our relationship however I can, and reliving some of the memories that we have collectively created over these past three decades.


Murray R. Nelson