Disposal & Land Application

Contaminated Soil & Groundwater Disposal

Contaminated soil and groundwater can slow down or halt construction operations if contamination issues are not predetermined and the appropriate permits are not in place. Even water that is not contaminated has both analytical and permitting requirements it must meet before it can be discharged. Seneca Companies has licensed professionals who work closely with both local and state regulatory agencies for disposal and land application needs. Our services include:

  • NPDES and SWPPP review.
  • Pre-construction groundwater and soil removal design.
  • Groundwater and soil sampling / waste characterization.
  • Groundwater discharge permitting and treatment.
  • Onsite vapor or groundwater analysis via PID or FID.
  • Soil disposal or treatment including landfill and landfarming.
  • Mobile groundwater treatment trailers.
  • Dewatering project management: storage, testing, treatment and disposal.

Let Seneca’s team of consultants ensure that your project will run smoothly and in accordance with the local, state and federal laws. By being proactive, performance benchmarks can be met and costs associated with contaminate mitigation can be minimalized.

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