Tank Removal & Closure

Tank Removal & Closure

Seneca has cleaned, removed and disposed of thousands of underground and aboveground storage tanks (USTs and ASTs) and associated fuel system components such as lines, dispensers and tank gauging equipment. We have also abandoned-in-place numerous USTs, when authorized or required by site restrictions. We are keenly aware of all necessary safety procedures and the soil and groundwater sampling requirements at UST sites, keeping our clients in compliance to the State requirements. Seneca coordinates all aspects of UST removal including:

  • Permitting and notifications.
  • Asbestos sampling of canopy or C-Store.
  • Dispenser and ancillary tank equipment removal.
  • Degassing, confined space entry and cleaning.
  • Soil and groundwater sampling.
  • UST disposal.
  • Over-excavation, backfilling and compaction testing.
  • Surface restoration.
  • Report preparation and recommendations.

Seneca has licensed removers and consultants qualified to perform UST closures as we maintain a fleet of equipment and personnel specialized in handling, transporting and disposing of petroleum and hazardous wastes.

The following equipment is owned and utilized by Seneca employed personnel on a daily basis:

  • Liquid vacuum pumper trucks.
  • Nitrogen or carbon dioxide gas for UST inerting.
  • Air powered nibblers for cutting tanks and on-board pressure washers.

The storage tank removals span from single 300-gallon petroleum tanks to large UST “farms,” with tanks exceeding 20,000 gallons in capacity and aggregate storage exceeding 100,000 gallons. We have closed all types of petroleum product UST systems including, but not limited to: waste oil, hydraulic oil, jet fuel, aviation gas, diesel fuel, heating oil, bunker fuel, kerosene and gasoline.

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