Piping Replacement

Piping Replacement

Seneca Companies understands how essential a high-quality and reliable piping system is for retail fuel providers and the valuable products they provide. With our first-rate products installed by our top-notch staff, you can count on Seneca to design and install your piping system.

Enhanced environmental regulation has increased the responsibilities of fuel system owners to ensure systems are designed and monitored so they do not leak. Seneca offers and installs double wall piping for underground applications, preventing leaks. Double wall containment piping systems are an economical, reliable and now required, method for protecting against leaks. Piping is then inspected and pressure tested, checking the piping run for leakage.

We offer services for both flexible pipe systems as well as fiberglass pipe systems, depending on your application and standards. We work with APT™, LCX and NOV piping, and will provide you with the system your business requires. Our relationships with manufacturers enable us with better buying power, allowing us to offer competitive pricing.

Seneca offers “The Complete Solution” when it comes to fuel systems. We perform environmental impact studies on new and existing sites, plus we have the ability to provide complete remediation and new installation on worn out systems.

Whether it’s remodeling your equipment, installing the upgrade in your piping system, replacing corroding pipes or constructing a new design, we will get the job done. Contact Seneca today to learn more about the long-term costs of maintaining, replacing, expanding and changing your piping system.

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