Quick Lube Specialty Equipment

Seneca Companies provides a complete line of superior modular components for all of your lube bay system needs.

We proudly partner with UNILUBE — the industry leader in lube system accessories — to offer a wide variety of products, including:

  • Work platforms systems.
  • Rolling pans.
  • Pit guards.
  • Combination tracks.
  • Drain carts.
  • Footstools.
  • Stair tread covers.
  • Steel shelving.
  • Tool boards.
  • Oil filter racks and air filter racks.
  • Work stations and computer stations.
  • Lube consoles and lube bars.

Seneca’s commitment to quality and customer service doesn’t end there. Our experienced team will install any purchased accessories within a timely manner to ensure your lube bay system is fully functional and operating at maximum efficiency.