Seneca proudly partners with Chargepoint to bring our customers solutions for every type of business.

chargepoint logoAt Seneca, we are constantly working to stay on the technology forefront of product and service offerings to our valued customer base. This is why Seneca Companies has become a proud ChargePoint Partner™.

ChargePoint is the largest and most open electric vehicle charging network in the United States and has been in the EV charging business since 2007. Over the last 15 years, they have developed an array of products to service everything from passenger vehicles to large commercial fleets.


Why electric charging?

Your site will have the opportunity to increase sales and repeat visits from customers with electric vehicles as well as attract new EV customers. By implementing electric charging stations for your fleet, you lower the cost of transportation as well as your business' carbon footprint. As a station owner, you have the ability to set and manage pricing, control access of who uses the stations, collect payment automatically, track and report on station usage and advertise your stations.

Be ahead of the game.

The shift to electric transportation has already begun. Is it time for your business to follow the trend? Seneca Companies is here to deliver full-service solutions for your electric charging needs. We provide the charging stations, perform the installation and offer ongoing maintenance of your equipment. Contact your Seneca sales representative to start a conversation today.