Fuel Restoration

Fuel restoration provides comprehensive and effective fuel quality solutions to ensure optimal fuel quality at all times.

The Seneca Difference

Dirty tanks and degraded fuel can be a costly nightmare for your business. We understand how important it is for you to get the problem fixed quickly and efficiently while meeting the highest safety standards. The partnership between Seneca Companies and Leighton O'Brien can provide all solutions you need - adding to Seneca's "Complete Solution" approach. Unlike other tank cleaning services, our market leading technology sweeps the entire tank floor to remove free phase water from the tank. Only liquid waste (not fuel) is removed from the site.

Water is a major source of most fuel tank issues, along with microbial enhanced corrosion, sludge, sediment and rust.

Our fuel polishing process will restore your fuel and tank back to its optimal condition with the successful removal of all contaminants.


  • Tank water removal.
  • Premium three-stage service to resolve a range of site issues and preserve your underground assets.
  • Prevention of slow flow and pumping issues through the removal of particulate matter.
  • Prevention of incorrect and false ATG readings caused by sludge on the tank floor.
  • Application for tank conversions for any product (especially diesel and E10) to prevent phase separation, filter blockages and flash point issues.
  • Prevention of bacterial growth with the option of biocide treatment. When combined with tank cleaning, this is the most effective way to tackle "black death".
  • The option for forward and reverse line flushing to resolve slow flow issues caused by blocked delivery lines.


  • Removal of free phase water.
  • Eliminates costly insurance claims from vehicles breaking down.
  • Kills and removes microbial growth.
  • Eliminates problems with blocked filters.
  • Improves functionality of pumps and ATGs.
  • Remediates and re-sells degraded fuel stock.
  • Seneca’s fuel restoration and tank cleaning service can be completed in just a day, reducing downtime and making for a quicker and more convenient solution. Our fuel polishing trucks are in multiple locations across the mid-continental United States.

Fuel Polishing Truck

Mobile tank cleaning

Mobile Tank Cleaning UnitHave a hard to reach belly tank? Seneca Companies' new mobile tank cleaning (MTC) unit provides an economical way to clean the fuel in your emergency generator tanks as effectively as the fuel stored in larger bulk tanks.

We understand how important it is to correct fuel issues quickly and efficiently while meeting ASTM-D975 or ISO4406 standards. 

Our MTC unit provides a high level of filtration down to .5 micron to ensure optimal fuel quality at all times.

MTC Unit Advantages:

  • Portable lightweight system allowing for easy transportation.
  • No downtime.
  • Kills and removes microbial growth.
  • Remediates and replenishes degraded fuel inventory.
  • Restores the health of fuel system storage tank on-site.