Underground Storage Tank Systems

We offer fuel system piping installation and containment services.

As a part of Seneca’s “Complete Solution”, our history dates back decades regarding our experience with underground storage tank systems - design, repair and installation. We work with the best providers in the industry, making sure the system is designed specifically to your needs and environment.

Fuel System Piping Installation & Replacement

Seneca Companies knows how important a high-quality and reliable piping system is for retail fuel providers. Due to our relationships with manufacturers, we have the buying power to offer competitive pricing for the best piping products on the market. You can count on Seneca’s top-notch staff to design and install your piping system or replace an existing system.

Enhanced environmental regulation has increased the responsibilities of fuel system owners to ensure systems are designed and monitored so they do not leak. Seneca offers and installs double wall piping for underground applications, preventing leaks. Double wall containment piping systems are an economical, reliable and now required, method for protecting against leaks. Piping is then inspected and pressure tested to check the piping run for leakage.

Many factors influence what type of pipe material is best for your application, ranging from the chemicals that will come in contact with the pipe, the temperature the system will operate at, as well as pressure and flow rate. Seneca will help you choose the right piping for your business.

Some of our high-quality piping products include, but are not limited to:

  • APT™ XP Flexible Pipework: This highly flexible pipework solution makes installation simple and easy in any weather condition or site configuration. It can be used in both pressure and suction applications and is ideal for underground service station fuel delivery systems.
  • NOV Fiberglass: This corrosion-resistant fiberglass pipe can withstand intense temperature. It is lightweight and resistant from any abrasions due to it being reinforced with fiberglass elements, providing a solution for heavy-duty use. Its extremely small interstitial space allows for fast leak detection, and it’s a cost-effective solution for contained piping systems.

Whether supplying the product you need, installing upgrades, replacing pipes or constructing a new design, we will get the job done. Contact Seneca today for questions about warranties, price points and what product is best for your application.

Fuel System Containment Services

One of the most daunting challenges convenience store owners and operators face is containment testing and repairs. Every scenario is different with varying system age, condition, mix of materials and environmental conditions.

If your containments are failing testing, your options are:

  1. Replace the entire containment, ensuring all new entry fittings and components are designed to work together.
  2. Repair the containment using retrofit entry fittings and boots.

Seneca Companies works with manufacturers to educate ourselves on the latest and greatest products, validating features, benefits and costs. Containments come in many shapes and sizes and are manufactured using various materials including plastic compounds or fiberglass, and they can be single wall or double wall.

We can walk you through the decision-making process when it comes to picking the right products and will provide you with information on the ever-changing regulations.

We offer a variety of manufacturers, including Franklin Fueling APT™, OPW and Bravo, to fulfill your containment needs. Products include, but are not limited to:

  • Dispenser containment sumps.
  • Tank sumps.
  • Double wall containment.
  • Overfill prevention valves.
  • Drop tubes for fill riser pipes.
  • Test boots and fittings.
  • Spill buckets.
  • Fuel monitoring systems.

Whether you’re in need of a boot repair or guidance regarding regulatory compliance — call Seneca Companies. We will provide you with the parts and information you need to create a clean, dry and safe environment for your fuel system components.

Sumps, Contaminants & Spill Buckets

When containments need repaired or replaced, the hard surfaces around the equipment will need to be removed in most instances. However, the repair or replacement will only affect specific pieces of equipment and not the entire site, so your business should be able to remain open.

In the case that the regulatory authority indicates that your overfill prevention devices need tested, Seneca has multiple options to test various overfill devices. On all new installations where containments are present, we perform hydrostatic testing to meet EPA testing regulations.

If your equipment has failed regulatory inspections, give Seneca Companies a call. We will provide you with the parts, information and repairs you need to create a clean, dry and compliant environment for your fuel system components.

You can also visit www.epa.gov and www.iowadnr.gov for more information on underground storage tank regulations and release prevention.

We’re the Underground Storage Tank Systems Experts

Seneca Companies provides “The Complete Solution” when it comes to your underground storage tank systems. Whether supplying the product you need, installing upgrades, conducting tests, replacing pipes or constructing a new design, we will get the job done. Contact Seneca today for questions about our fuel system piping installation and containment services.