4K-20K Hydroblasting

Our hydroblasting equipment will eliminate buildup and leave a clean surface without harming the structure's integrity.

Whether it’s corrosive residue blocking pipes, caked-on material, mineral and oil deposits or old peeling paint that needs removed, Seneca Companies’ fleet of hydroblasting equipment will eliminate the buildup and leave a clean surface.

The sheer power of water blasting provides a quick, environmentally friendly and efficient way to remove unwanted material without harming the structure’s integrity.

Each of the hydroblasting trailer mounted units can deliver 10,000 to 20,000 psi — allowing us various options to easily and safely clean a variety of surfaces, such as: 

  • Heat exchanger tubes.
  • Piping, duct and lines.
  • Evaporators.
  • Condenser tubes.
  • Reactors.
  • Surface Structures.
  • Process fans.
  • Storage tanks.
  • Machinery.
  • Railroad tank cars.
  • Paint booths and more!