About Seneca Companies

At Seneca Companies, our team provides full service solutions with real value as our priority.

Seneca Companies was founded by Chris Risewick in 1972, with a vision to deliver real value to customers in the petroleum industry through supplying quality equipment, innovative service and dependable construction of fueling sites.

With almost five decades of proven experience, the Seneca team has advanced Risewick’s vision, expanding capabilities and evolving into a multifaceted service provider. Today, our team is proud to offer "The Complete Solution" of services through our seven distinct divisions and ten office locations.

Our Story

Chris Risewick started Seneca Companies in 1972. He was barely out of Drake University, 21 years old and started selling petroleum equipment by day. He didn't know the business, but he also didn't know how to fail. By day he took orders, and on nights and weekends he would pick and pack orders for Monday morning shipments. One man, one administrative assistant and an entire industry to conquer.

Next came the opportunity of unleaded gas. A new industry was born. New tanks had to be buried, new pumps fitted, signs changed and trucks altered. A new product was being launched and someone needed to provide machinery. The demand made the phone start ringing, so Chris bought a truck, hired another employee and Seneca was in the tank burying business.

By 1976, with a lot of learning and some doom and gloom along the way, Chris kept building his business by adding transportation equipment to the mix. Seneca tanker trucks and transport trailers hauled everything from petroleum products to chemical solvents to dry bulk.

By the early 1980's, the first branch location was opened in Bettendorf, Iowa. Since then, we have grown to ten physical office locations throughout the Midwest, Mountain and Southern regions, and we have added several divisions to provide "The Complete Solution" to our customers and allow Seneca to be self-sustainable in the market like no other competitor. It was Chris' commitment to the fundamentals that kept Seneca afloat and even thriving through some pretty tough historic times. Those same fundamentals, business ethics and nimble drive are part of our business today and what make us successful with continued growth goals, year after year.

Division Timeline:

  • 1972 — Fuel Systems: Construction, Service & Distribution
  • 1975 — Electrical & Automation: Contracting & Service
  • 1985 — Finishing Systems: Fluid Handling Solutions (Sold January 1, 2016)
  • 1988 — Environmental Services: Compliance
  • 1990 — Automotive & Fleet Equipment: Sales & Service
  • 1993 — Remediation & Process Systems
  • 2003 — Waste Solutions Services
  • 2015 — General Contracting

Seneca remains committed to its mission of delivering real value to customers. Reach out to one of our service specialists today and learn how we can help your business succeed.