CNG Facility - Lincoln, NE

December 2019 - August 2020

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Seneca Companies General Contracting was hired to
relocate and install compressed natural gas (CNG)
fueling station equipment at the StarTran Facility. All
work was commissioned through City of Lincoln.

The project scope consisted of removing and
transporting the existing CNG equipment from the
Black Hills Energy (BHE) Facility and install the
relocated equipment at the StarTran Facility. Included
in this process was routing, installing and connecting
the natural gas piping and electrical power to the
CNG fueling station and power panel. Additional
responsibilities included pouring the concrete
foundation, pads, pavement, installing the chain link
fence and access gates for the CNG storage facility.

In addition, the Seneca team coordinated with the
Lincoln Electric System (LES) and routed, installed
and connected electrical power to the electric bus
service panel on the other side of the StarTran

At the old facility, another part of the scope
was having the Seneca Waste Solutions team
decommission, clean and remove an existing
unleaded fuel tank and all associated equipment.

One of the setbacks Seneca encountered was delays
on new equipment due to covid. The project called
for purchasing three new CNG tanks in addition to
the existing system from the same company that built
the original system. Due to COVID and the shutdown
of manufacturing plants, the tanks were delayed.
However, due to exceptional communication and
scheduling, this delay was anticipated and worked
into the schedule as not to delay the finished facility.

Additionally, when Seneca’s Waste Solutions team
removed the old tank, it was under a fueling canopy
and they had to use heavy lift equipment to move it
instead of a crane in order to leave the canopy intact.

The City of Lincoln was very happy with the StarTran
facility project completed by Seneca and later
awarded Seneca an electric charging station for a
bus project on the other side of the StarTran facility.