Hospers Gas Station Case Study

April - September 2022

For a PDF version of this case study with photos, click here. 

Project Manager: Cody Buttler
Sales: Logan Huffman

Seneca Companies Fuel Systems was hired to
provide installations at a ground-up gas station build
in Hospers, Iowa. All work was commissioned through
the owner (Sexton Oil).

The project scope consisted of installing eight
dispensers, APT flex pipes, Franklin dispenser and
tank sumps, Veeder Root 450+ as well as a Passport
server and client. In addition, the Seneca team
provided and set up canopies over the dispensers,
as well as provided and installed tanks. The team’s
project manager facilitated communications between
Seneca’s construction team and the general
contractor that was hired by the owner of the project.
In addition, the Fuel Systems team collaborated
with Seneca’s Environmental Services as well as the
Waste Solutions team to clean the tanks.

When working with other divisions (i.e., general
contracting, electrical subcontractors, etc.) there
runs a risk of general miscommunication or timeframe
challenges. With a project this large having so many
moving parts in every aspect of the project, it was
important for our team to establish a clear line of
communication with all other teams involved.
The Seneca team had several pre-construction
meetings with other subcontractors and provided an
agenda to them in order to stamp out any issues that
may arise. During the project, the Seneca team made
it a priority to ensure that open communication could
be had at any point. This limited any issues, and the
project ran very smoothly.

Sexton Oil was very satisfied with the Hospers gas
station project and continues to collaborate with
Seneca on upcoming projects. The Seneca team
considers this project a successful group effort by
our construction & service team as well as our trusted