LOF Xpress

January 2021 - September 2022

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Seneca Companies Automotive and Commercial Division was hired to install equipment in the LOF Xpress Oil Change in Waukee, Iowa. All work was commissioned though the owner of LOF. 

The project scope consisted of purchasing, customizing and installing quick lube equipment.  Included in this process was the installation of 26 ASTs and appurtenances, as well as the installation of lubrication tubing, fittings, pumps, meters and hoses. Other additions included rotary rolling jacks and air compressors. Our team also installed a complete quick lube system that included a custom catwalk, track and lube bars. 

The Seneca team worked with our manufacturers to create customized parts and equipment at the request of the site owner. In addition to requiring a large amount of product, many of the items were unique to this specific location.  


One of the setbacks Seneca encountered was delays on equipment due to high product demands and unique product customization. The project called for the customization of most, if not all products and equipment which meant that the project duration took longer than expected. The process was outside of the standard and required a lot more creativity than usual on all sides including Seneca, the owner and the manufacturers. However, due to exceptional communication and organization, we were able to work with the owner and our manufacturers to develop clear expectations for the project. 

The owner was very happy with the LOF Xpress Oil change project completed by the Seneca Automotive and Commercial team.