Sparky's Remodel Case Study

May 2023

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Project Manager
Mark Newel
Justus Brammer


Seneca Companies General Contracting division was hired to remodel the facilities of a Sparky’s in Carroll, Iowa.

The project scope consisted of the renovation of two bathrooms and two shower rooms. The project team was made up of plumbers, electricians, carpenters, tile installers and painters. To minimize disruptions and maintain customer convenience, the project was divided into two phases, with one bathroom being remodeled at a time. It was vital to keep the store operational throughout the entire project, which required at least one restroom to remain accessible to customers. The first phase consisted of the remodel of the men’s restroom and shower room, while the second phase was the women’s restroom and shower room. This project was a complete remodel where everything in the room was removed except wall studs. The Seneca team installed new lights, drywall, doors, tile, toilets, counter tops, sinks, showers, partitions and paint. 


One of the setbacks the Seneca team encountered was a repeated change in superintendent personnel due to unforeseen circumstances. Despite leadership changes, the team was able to maintain through lines of communications with all relevant parties to ensure that the project continued to run smoothly. 

In addition, half of the subcontractors utilized for this project were new to the Seneca team which required extra diligent communication in order to make sure all parties were on the same page. Any setbacks experienced by the Seneca team were overcome as a result of a high level of collaboration to align schedules, communicate expectations and maintain a consistent timeline. 

The client is very happy with the Sparky’s renovation project completed by the Seneca General Contracting team.