Truckstop Compliance Inspection - Western Iowa

August 2022

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Seneca Companies Environmental Division completed a
compliance inspection for a private customer in western
Iowa. The inspection took place over the course of two days.

The compliance scope consisted of annual and tri-annual
compliance testing to detect any potential defects. Included
in this process was functionality testing of the ATG, leak
detector testing and shear valve/emergency shut off testing.
Dri-sump containment testing was performed at this site
on sixteen dispensers, nine sumps and ten spill buckets.
Although this site was so large, the Seneca team worked
together to complete the site inspections and testing in
a timely manner. Lastly, the Seneca team completed a
walkthrough inspection to ensure everything on site was up
to standard and there were no visual fails.

A few failures were brought to light after inspections. There
were six tanks that had drop tubes rusted to the tanks and
due to this, the overfill could not be tested. There were four
shear valves that failed to hold under pressure. Lastly, an
emergency shut off at a dispenser failed to shut off pumps
when tested. The Seneca team documented these failures
and sent a report to the customer.