Iowa legislature extends blender pump program

Contact: Jodi Solomon
Marketing Director
Seneca Companies
Phone: 515-264-4304

(Des Moines, Iowa — May 13, 2019) In April, the Iowa legislature approved funding for another year of Iowa's cost-share blender pump program.

The Iowa Renewable Fuels Infrastructure Program (RFIP) provides grants to Iowa retail businesses wanting to upgrade their fuel offerings to include E15, E85 and biodiesel blends. 

As the nation’s leader in renewable fuels production, Iowa’s blender pump program has led to millions of dollars in private economic investment and many new stations offering biofuels. This has been beneficial to consumers with more fuel options at the pump. Extending this funding will enable more Iowa retailers to continue to prosper from this success and access to Iowa’s biofuels will progress.

Funding of $3 million through the year 2020 was included in HF765, a bill to fund the Rebuild Iowa Infrastructure Fund. Reimbursement can cover 50% of the costs for particular areas of a project with a three year commitment required to sell certain renewable fuels.

So what does this mean for you? We at Seneca can help with your transition to upgrading your station’s fuel offerings while using this program to help subsidize your EMV upgrades.

Over the past several years, manufacturers have developed a long list of equipment that is approved for E15 usage. Hanging hardware including hoses, nozzles, breakaways and swivels are required and it’s important to replace your hanging hardware when making the switch to E15.

Blender dispensers allow for the most product flexibility while minimizing the number of necessary tanks on site. EMV requirements present an opportunity to upgrade to E25 UL-listed equipment while advancing to accommodate EMV requirements. 

We have the equipment you need to get started. Meet the demand with Gilbarco Veeder-Root’s Encore Flex Fuel Dispenser. With customers requiring more alternative fuel options, the Encore NF Series achieves that while maintaining simplicity and safety of the fueling experience. The dispenser offers up to five product selections, all from one fueling position. A smart investment, you’ll maximize branding and sales opportunities and bonus: keep your number of tanks to a minimum. 

The conversion to E-blend fuel requires time and effort to evaluate existing equipment, verify compatibility and order compatible equipment. Seneca is here to help you with the transition. Contact your local Seneca sales representative for more information on how we can offer you “The Complete Solution,” when it comes to your ethanol needs. 

View a pdf of the release here.

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