Sampling (Air, Soil, GW, IH)

Sampling (Air, Soil and Groundwater)

Seneca can aid you with your environmental sampling needs. Our staff offers over 20 years of experience completing regulatory field activities. Sampling covers a broad spectrum from soil gas sampling to “real time” groundwater monitoring to direct push soil sampling. The shortlist of services offered includes:

  • Petroleum and industrial pollutant sampling.
  • Agricultural contaminant sampling.
  • Ballast water sampling from USTs.
  • Waste characterization for pit or oil water separators.
  • Waste characterization for landfill disposal profiling.
  • Soil gas sampling via SUMA canister or charcoal tube.
  • Landfill monitoring.
  • Soil borings.
  • Monitoring well installation and groundwater sampling.
  • Permit sampling.
  • Air and water effluent sampling (from systems or frac / holding tanks).
  • Surface water sampling (stream, pond, lake and river).
  • Drinking water well sampling.
  • UST / AST closure sampling.
  • Multi-media sampling.

Once the samples are collected, they are sent to a state or nationally certified laboratory for analysis. If data analysis is necessary immediately or ongoing, certain parameters can be analyzed in the field. Concentrations that can be analyzed in the field include:

  • FID, PID, colorimetric indicator tube of soil cores or effluent vapors from systems.
  • Data loggers to determine long-term static water levels and barometric pressure.
  • Field monitoring of ORP, pH, temperature, conductivity and DO, LEL, chlorine and CO2.
  • Benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and total xylenes (BTEX) in groundwater.

Seneca has a diversified staff to aid you with site-specific sampling requirements. This list is not inclusive, therefore please call to discuss further sampling needs.