Environmental Transaction Screen

An Environmental Transaction Screen (ETS) is a report utilized by entities involved in commercial real estate transactions. The goal of the ETS is to provide a low cost, effective method by which potential environmental concerns are identified to the user of a report (prospective purchaser, lender, broker or attorney.) The scope of the ETS is limited compared to a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) and should not be utilized if the goal of the user is to meet the obligation of an All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI) in order to qualify for a landowner liability defense.

In many situations, the Small Business Association (SBA)  will allow for the due diligence process to begin with an ETS.

The ETS is often useful on low risk properties in which a significant amount of historical information is already available for commercial real estate.  However, it can also be useful to help determine whether a full Phase I ESA is warranted.

The scope of an ETS consists of the following:

  • Site reconnaissance.
  • Interview and questionnaire completed by owner/occupants.
  • Limited records review.

Seneca’s screens are compliant with the most current ASTM E1528 standard.

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