Tank Top Upgrades & Boot Repairs

Tank Top Upgrades & Boot Repairs

If you are experiencing obvious leaks, corroded equipment, cracked piping, or if your sumps are susceptible to surface water accumulation, it’s time to call Seneca Companies. We provide complete tank top upgrades, maintenance and boot repairs to ensure your tanks continue to function efficiently and safely for years to come.

Due to the increasingly demanding environmental requirements of the petroleum industry, it’s important that your tanks are equipped with the required leak prevention and detection systems that are less likely to corrode and malfunction. Federal regulations are being implemented across the country, requiring that all spill manholes and sumps be tested for tightness. If they fail testing, they must be repaired or replaced. On all new installations where containments are present, Seneca performs hydrostatic testing to meet EPA testing regulations.

Whether it’s installing entry boots to keep sumps tight and free of liquid, replacing under dispenser containment (UDC), or the repair or installation of spill containment manholes, we will provide the service you need to meet regulatory requirements.

If your project calls for more than a quick fix, we can build or rebuild your station according the latest environmental laws, with construction activities including, but not limited to:

  • Excavation of old concrete.
  • Installation of submersible turbine pumps (STP) in manway openings.
  • Running product piping from sumps to dispenser areas.
  • Running electrical conduits from STP manways and dispenser pads back to building.
  • Pressure testing product piping.
  • Backfilling trenches and tanks with crushed stone, once pressure test is successful.
  • Installation of probes and sensors into tanks, sumps and dispenser pans.
  • Installation of concrete pad and pave around perimeter of tank pad.
  • Replacement and repair of manholes, tank manways, drop tubes for fill riser pipes, test boots and fittings, and overfill protection valves.

With our large corporate footprint, we can handle a large multi-site rollout and projects spanning multiple states while having the close manpower, licensing and ability to perform projects. Whether it’s a single storage tank or a multi-site, Seneca Companies will create reliable and tailored solutions, equipping your tank with all necessary upgrades with minimal impact to your business operation.

Our experienced team provides “The Complete Solution” to your project needs, from construction, repair and maintenance to providing a variety of storage tank containment components. Contact Seneca Companies to ensure your fueling systems and sites have the proper safety and spill prevention components installed to meet regulatory requirements.

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