CAD Drawings

One of the most important factors for a successful remediation or construction project is to ensure everything is built to the project specifications. At Seneca Companies, we understand the importance of this and utilize detailed, accurate AutoCAD drawings to illustrate our building and wiring plans with our clients. Accurate drawings ensure that all your subcontractors, regulators and funding agencies have access to the same information - limiting potential errors. Our senior drafter has well over 20 years’ of cross-divisional experience, all at Seneca, working regularly with fuel, remediation and industrial applications.

Seneca's CAD service can be used to draw:

  • Wire diagrams.
  • Equipment layouts.
  • Site maps.
  • Well field maps.
  • PLC (programmable logic controller) diagrams.
  • Enclosure details.
  • Cross sections.
  • Extraction well details.
  • O&M manuals.
  • Fuel station construction layouts.
  • Industrial controls.
  • As-built drawings.
  • UST layouts.
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