Pilot Testing (Pre-Design) Services

Pilot Testing (Pre-Design) Services

Seneca Companies is proud to provide one of the most important field tests in the industry - pilot testing. The measurements from these tests are utilized to determine remediation feasibility and system design. Accurate measurements are essential for a cost effective and successful remediation project.

Seneca has over 20 years of experience conducting pilot tests for potential remediation sites. Our experienced team of vacuum truck operators and environmental scientists can provide all your pilot testing needs. Most pilot tests last for a continuous eight hours in which constant measurements are needed - including air flow rate, vacuum, fluid recovery, temperature and exhaust concentrations. Based on the pilot test findings, we can design a custom remediation system for any site.

Common advantages include:

  • Multiple SVE (soil vapor extraction) or MPE (multi-phase extraction) well testing.
  • Precise water and air flow measurements.
  • Radius of influence determination.
  • Vacuum and water level measurements.
  • Experienced vacuum operators, all are 40-hour HAZWOPER certified.
  • Environmental scientists are available to assist with test.
  • Proper disposal of extraction fluids.
  • Remediation system design-build.
  • Measure Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) removal.



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