Automated Tube Bundle Hydroblasting

Automated equipment is changing the hydroblasting industry by making it safer. That’s why we’ve invested in the future with StoneAge’s hydroblasting technology - robotics and automated equipment. It increases safety by distancing the operator from the nozzles and potentially hazardous environments and allows the user to remotely operate the cleaning tools. 

The operator no longer needs to enter the confined space to perform blasting operations. Our equipment is ran by a control panel and camera to position the flex lance guide tubes within the exchangers and evaporators. Even while being located outside of the confined space, the operator is able to have control of speed, pressure and emergency shutdown of the tool. This eliminates the risk of working in the high pressure blast zone and dealing with steam, low lighting, cables and hoses that can cause trips or falls. Everything is controlled remotely, including water pressure, eliminating the need for an 
additional worker and extra cost.

  • Safer environments as manual work reduced to a minimum.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Increased flexibility due to remote operation.
  • More intensive and consistent cleaning.
  • Less downtime.
  • Ability to clean vertically, horizontal or any other angle.
  • Ability to clean any size of bundle.
  • Minimal use of water and energy reduced.
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