Casey's General Store - Franklin, Kentucky

September 18, 2017 - February 21, 2018

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Seneca Companies’ General Contracting division from its Nashville branch was hired to build a convenience store for Casey’s General Stores in Franklin, Kentucky during the months of September 2017 through February 2018.

Before the project could begin, the fuel tank hole that consisted of dirt and solid rock had to be blasted. The additional time had to be incorporated into the schedule with no additional days added to the project.

Seneca’s Fuel Systems division from its Oreana branch installed the fuel system, set tanks and piping, installed all pumps and probes, completed the tank top including risers and lids, set the dispensers and fired up all the fuel-related computer systems.

One of the setbacks Seneca came across was snow and freezing weather. However, due to exceptional communication and scheduling, concrete was able to be poured throughout the winter. Additionally, Seneca’s superintendent and general superintendent worked through several design changes without impacting the schedule or quality of the project.

The store was opened on time and had a punch list of five items. Store managers commented that this was the fastest final inspection and the cleanest store they had been a part of. This project is a prime example of Seneca providing “The Complete Solution” while completing the store on time, with shining quality and customer satisfaction.