Delek Palestine Case Study

April - October 2022

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Project Managers
Shad Sporaa 
Terry Millay
Bryce Demaree


Seneca Companies General Contracting division was hired to build a Delek convenience store in Palestine, Arkansas. All work was commissioned through the owner of the convenience store.  

The project scope consisted of the ground-up construction of a 4,100 square foot gas station convenience store that featured a 320 square foot beer cave and a Sbarro’s pizzeria. Both the Sbarro restaurant and beer cave for unique installations and required the usage of new materials. Majority of the sub-contractors working on this project were also collaborating with the Seneca team on a similar project in Texarkana, Arkansas. This collaboration of teams on multiple projects at once meant there were more moving pieces than a usual ground-up construction project. Our Seneca team worked to create a clear line of communication with the sub-contractors to ensure all processes went as smoothly as possible. 


One of the setbacks the Seneca team encountered was a repeated supply chain delay, which can be potentially lead to overall project delays. However, to prevent any serious issues, the Seneca team kept in constant contact with the owner of the store as well as the suppliers in order to maintain and communicate expectations as well as adapt to unforeseen issues that came to light throughout the construction process. 

In addition, the Seneca team was able to collaborate with other sub-contractors to align schedules and send out relevant product updates.

This project allowed our team to be able to utilize proficient communication between multiple parties as well as adapt to a quickly changing schedule in order to keep the project on schedule. The client is very happy with the Delek gas station convenience store project completed by the Seneca General Contracting team.