Facility Shutdown Cleaning

Western Iowa - April 2018 - May 2018

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In the spring of 2018, Seneca Companies Waste Solutions Services was hired to clean a candy factory in western Iowa that went out of business. Seneca cleaned the facility’s seven syrup tanks, removed large amounts of syrup from two containments and emptied two silos that were full of sugar.

Seneca’s Waste Solutions personnel entered the empty syrup tanks via confined space entry through the manway. The seven tanks were high-pressure washed at 5,000 psi and rinse waters were collected with Seneca’s vacuum truck.

To clean the two containments full of syrup, Seneca hand-applied dry ice to the substance, causing it to freeze. Seneca then used jack hammers to crack and break up the frozen syrup and scooped out the chips.

Lastly, Seneca removed 300,000 pounds of sugar from the two 120-foot indoor and outdoor silos using pickaxes and air movers.

It was a challenge to clean and remove the mass quantity of material, but Seneca completed the project successfully, leaving the customer satisfied.