Casey's General Store

Casey's General Store

Hawarden, Iowa

Client & Contact Information
Casey's General Stores
Galen Karas (515) 965-6160

Period of Performance

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Seneca Companies has served Casey’s General Stores for project management, as well as a systems design consultant and a component selection advisor, for hundreds of ground up c-stores, or convenience stores.

The Casey’s General Store #3009 in Sioux City, Iowa consisted of a complete ground up convenience store building, fuel storage and dispensing system.

Seneca was tasked with the construction and management of this project from a bare ground ungraded site through the production and opening of a completely new and functional convenience store.

The activities required of Seneca for this project included, but were not limited to: permitting, utility installations including sewer, water and power, installation of the underground fuel storage system and piping, fabrication and construction of the convenience store building including all interior and exterior finishes and flooring. They were responsible for landscaping and hard surface installation for all parking and drive areas.

Numerous changes to the building structure and finishes were encountered during the construction phases of this project and Seneca incorporated these changes with flexibility and continuity in order to maintain Casey’s projected store opening schedule.