Ground Up Bulk Storage Plant

Ground Up Bulk Storage Plant


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Seneca Companies’ Fuel Systems division provided general contracting services for a new ground up petroleum bulk storage facility, including providing in-house services for the project. This project included supervision and oversight of the pre-construction site preparation with grading of the lot for the facility. Seneca furnished a 60’ x 105’ drive-through load-out building featuring six 14’ x 15’ insulated overhead doors for truck traffic, five 36” x 80” pass through door ways for foot traffic, one sliding door on tracks and a small office inside the building.

Seneca provided concrete work for the concrete containment dike to hold the aboveground storage tanks (AST) including the containment walls for this system. Seneca also provided all electrical services for this project, which features all explosion proof electrical for OSHA Class 1 – Division 1 areas. This bulk storage system features one 10K underground storage tank (UST) for biodiesel storage, one 8.4K AST for DEF product storage including one Kleer Blue™ Portable DEF Bulk Transload /Delivery Cart and three 24K vertical AST storage tanks for petroleum gas products.

The load-out system designed by Seneca features bottom load-out capabilities through a rack system designed inside the building. System includes 850’ of 3” welded pipe for load out and fill lines, one OPW® Civacon Tank Monitoring System, three Blackmer® GX3E positive displacement pumps for 225 GPM flow rate, four Liquid Controls® M25-K-1 3” meters and explosion proof 3” electric solenoid valves for product load-out. The biodiesel tank also features a full heating system and insulation of the product line for winter use. This entire system was designed and built to the specifications of the client. 

Seneca handled all required permitting and paperwork to complete this project.