Ground Up Construction of Convenience Store

Ground Up Construction of Convenience Store

Stanton, IA

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Seneca Companies’ General Contracting division was hired to build a convenience store in Stanton, Iowa during the months of March 2016 through July 2016.

The project consisted of the ground up construction, management, production and opening of a completely new and functional 3,270 square-foot store, and the installation of four dispensers and two 20,000-gallon underground storage tanks (USTs).

The General Contracting division was responsible for scheduling, subcontractor management and managing other Seneca entities utilized during the project. The project’s success was a result of a combined effort between Seneca’s General Contracting, Fuel Systems, Environmental Services and Waste Solutions Services divisions, truly providing “The Complete Solution.” 

Seneca modified processes when obstacles arose in order to stay on schedule. During construction, unstable soils and a shallow water table were encountered three feet below grade, resulting in the need to shore the storage tank excavation area. Unexpected soil conditions made shoring difficult so Seneca’s Environmental division was utilized for their dewatering service. Seneca’s environmental specialists were responsible for reviewing permit language within the Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) to ensure proper dewatering methods were acceptable.

Due to the presence of a former fuel station at this location, Seneca’s Environmental team also provided real-time Gas Chromatography (GC) analysis at the site to screen the groundwater for volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The service was continued throughout the dewatering to ensure the customer was in compliance with the discharge permit. The testing saved space and helped to avoid having multiple frac tanks on site. Seneca’s Waste Solutions division also contributed to the effort by cleaning the frac tank used. 

Despite the additional challenge of encountering over 30 inches of rain during the construction period, Seneca finished the project two weeks before the expected completion date with a satisfied customer.