Hydroblasting Paint Removal

Hydroblasting Paint Removal

Oklahoma - August 2014

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Seneca Waste Solutions completed a hydroblasting paint removal project for a private client in Oklahoma.

The client manufacturers large vehicles and had been encountering long cleaning time issues with their paint carts. It would take as long as 12 hours to clean a single cart. As a result, several of the carts had not been cleaned in four years. Waste Solutions utilized 40k psi hydroblasting to clean the paint carts. Comparatively, this process took as little as 45 minutes to clean each cart. Once the cart was cleaned, excess water was vacuumed and debris cleaned up. During off loading, the water was filtered to collect paint and debris, which was loaded into drums for disposal.

Waste Solutions also cleaned front and rear Chassis Carts. These carts were also cleaned with 40k psi hydroblasting.  Previously, the process took four hours to complete; Seneca was able to fully clean the carts in an average of 12 minutes.