John's Qwick Stop - UST & Canopy Installation

John's Qwick Stop - UST and Canopy Installation

Vinton, Iowa

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John’s Qwik Stop in Vinton, Iowa hired Seneca Companies to install new underground storage tanks without impacting the customer’s current operations. 

In April of 2016, Seneca installed new underground storage tanks on the north end of the property while construction of the new building was underway on the east side of the property. Once the new tanks were installed, Seneca ran piping toward the new canopy area, capped the piping and air tested with inspection, allowing Seneca to bury the pipe runs and pour concrete over the new storage tanks.

Seneca returned to the site in June, once the final stages of construction were finished and the new building was near completion. Seneca began to lay out and pour the new canopy footings, set dispenser sumps and began the piping runs to the south. Once three of the four sets of footings were installed, Seneca Environmental Services was on-site for the decommissioning of the existing fuel system. 

After the old system was out, the former building was removed and the existing canopy was demolished, Seneca installed the remaining set of footings, dispenser sumps and completed piping runs. Once it was air tested and inspected, the project continued to progress quickly in order to get the site back up and running. 

Seneca’s concrete contractor poured the canopy pad plus a 10’ perimeter. A 6,144 square-foot area was poured in one day with a high early mix, allowing Seneca to get on the concrete in three days to set and pipe the dispensers, as well as allowing the canopy contractor to begin new canopy construction. Seneca’s electrical department was on-site as well, making up the conduits and pulling wire. Seneca’s Fuel Systems service department was also on-site, setting up the new POS systems, training store employees and preparing to go live. At the end of the project, full dispenser communication was in place and all dispensers were purged and calibrated, the canopy construction was complete and the site was back open and operating for fuel sales. 

The key component to the success of the project was the consistent communication and cooperation between Seneca’s General Contracting, Environmental Services and Fuel Systems divisions, providing the customer with “The Complete Solution.”