Sludge Removal at Treatment Facility

Sludge Removal at Treatment Facility

Illinois - April 2014

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Seneca Waste Solutions completed a sludge removal and wash out project at a waste water treatment plant for a private client in Illinois. The project took place over the course of a single week. Two open aired sediment tanks were cleaned utilizing two of Waste Solutions’ Super Suckers and a vacuum truck. 

The client’s facility was in a secure location. Waste Solutions was able to leave the equipment on-site during project; saving the client mobilization and demobilization costs. Part of the project required that water be completely pumped out of the tanks. However, due to an unforeseen valve issue, the Waste Solutions team came up with an alternative solution that involved pumping water off of the top of the tank daily. This method ended up minimizing the overall project time.

Once Waste Solutions’ capabilities were known, the client then asked Seneca to complete another project jetting out a line that led to another storage vessel. Both parts of the project were completed to the client’s satisfaction.